About Us

Welcome to my-london-breaks.com. I hope you will find lots of useful information about this wonderful city of London.

My name is Chow and I have lived in London for nearly 40 years. I have enjoyed every moment of my time here. Over this time, I have had the pleasure of acting as a London tourist guide to my relatives and friends from outside the UK. I organised their hotel accommodation in London and bought theatre and concert tickets on their behalf.

We had lots of fun sightseeing, shopping, eating out and going to theatres and concerts. Many of the activities, such as visiting museums and art galleries, are free.

From this website, I am now able to act as your tourist guide and take you sightseeing in London, visiting theatres and concert halls, museums, art galleries and shopping centres. There are also news of activities in and around London. I hope you will enjoy your London breaks as much as my relatives and friends did.

I have also made it easy for you to find your hotel accommodation in London by selecting a few of the better known hotels in London and placing links at the bottom of the pages.

Likewise, I have also included pages on what is currently showing in the West end theatres and concerts.

I would love to hear from you about your London experiences and what you would recommend to other visitors. Any positive or negative feedbacks would be welcome.

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