Central YMCA Is More Than Just A Gym

The Central YMCA, located at 112 Great Russell Street, London, is at the heart of London entertainment venues. The London Dominion Theatre is just yards from the Central YMCA building and the West End Theatreland is within ten minutes walk.

It is also ideally located for shopping. Oxford Street, renowned for departmental stores such as Selfridges and John Lewis, is just round the corner. You can get great bargains for electrical goods such as computers and television sets at Tottenham Court Road, which is across the road from Great Russell Street.

The Central YMCA in London is the first YMCA in the world and was established in 1844 by George Williams. The original concept was to put Christian principles into practice. In those days young men who came to London for work often had to live in squalid and unsafe conditions, and the YMCA was dedicated to provide them with comfortable accommodation and a safe environment to live in.

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These days the YMCA applies social development encompassing spiritual, intellectual and physical methods to help build healthy spirits, minds and bodies.

In 2009, The Central YMCA in London unveiled a £2.6 million revamp into a state-of-the-art facilities for its 5,000 members. This transformation includes a 21st century changing facilities, an extended cardio area and GP referral zones, a new sports hall floor, free weights room and cycling studio.

By expanding its state-of-the-art facilities, and widening its range of health and lifestyle programmes, the Central YMCA is doing its bit to curb spirally obesity in the capital. It is also working more closely with GPs and Primary Care Trusts to prevent and treat a range of conditions, such as heart disease and osteoporosis.

The Central YMCA is also renowned for its recreational activities. The club is very spacious and well equipped. You will find the facilities to make your workout effective and fun. Membership includes the provision of personal programmes, the use of a range of cardiovascular machines, resistance stations and a fully equipped free-weights room.

There are over 110 exercise classes each week, including aerobics, tai chi and line dancing. Classes last for 45 minutes and are spread throughout the day from early in the morning to late at night.

There is a fabulous 25m heated indoor swimming pool. With lanes set aside for your particular ability it's perfect for a hassle-free and effective workout. You just swim in a clockwise direction within the lanes set aside for your abilities.

Also available are a full range of water-based activities such as water aerobics and swimming classes that stretch from beginners to those wishing to perfect their technique, canoeing and scuba diving.

Badminton and squash players can book their respective courts at the reception.

The Y-Active children's programme has been developed to promote health, sport and fitness in young people from six months to fourteen years. For children aged between 5 - 14 there are classes for:

  • Trampolining - classes cover all core skills and basic moves necessary for the development of good trampoline techniques.
  • Kids' fitness from activities that are creative and energetic and are within the structure of safe and effective exercises.
  • Aikido - classes are taught from the Japanese Aikido Association Children's syllabus.
  • Drama - aiming to excite the imagination and inspire discipline in the art of performance.
  • Street Dance - through fresh dance moves and funky beats this dynamic class will be great exercise and lots of fun.
  • Gymnastics - children gradually progress through increasing levels of difficulty and use apparatus such as floor and vault to develop gymnastic skills.
  • Football - children are coached to develop competenace in, and a good understanding of, a range of football skills.
  • Swimming - the course covers the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) National Teaching Plan for developing skills and techniques.
There is a special deal for the over 60s that allow full off-peak access (Mon - Fri from 6.30am - 3.45pm, and normal opening hours during weekends).

The fitness programme for senior members include:

  • Stretch, Core and Relaxation - a holistic class that incorporates stretching and functional conditioning.
  • Easy Cardio Plus - a whole body workout combining aerobics, weights and stretching with music.
  • Acquacise - a whole body toning session in shallow water.
  • Line Dancing - a fun way to do an aerobics workout with some simple choreography that is easy to follow.
  • Strength, Stretch and Balance - a partly chair based session focusing on strength and balance work along with some stretching.
  • Tai Chi - A traditional Chinese exercise which co-ordinates slow and relaxing movements with balanced flowing movements.
  • Studio Cycle - a fun aerobic workout to music whilst cycling.

Central YMCA in London has recreational activities for all its members regardless of age. It is not only a place for gym workouts but also a place for social networking


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