Happy holidays!

by Jim

For me, holidays represent quality time, family bonding, exciting activities and adventurous rides. I can never imagine going alone for a holiday, anywhere in the world. I always believe; the more, the merrier. However, this does not mean that I would tag along with just anyone or be a part of a group I am not too comfortable with. I only go for vacations with people who are close to me, be it family or friends.

Much before the trip is finalized; everyone is given a chance to vote for the destination. We only end up going to those places that have been approved by the entire lot. There is no fun going on a trip during which most people are awfully bored or sulky.

Weather, activities, food, lodging and transport are all major issues and must be taken into consideration before finalizing plans. Bookings are always made in advance and paid through credit cards. With so many people on board, there is no fun in hitch hiking and striking bargains with hotels. Minute details like the airport shuttle are also confirmed and booked before time. A large group means loads of luggage so an appropriate vehicle is arranged for accordingly.

A complete medical and first-aid box is a necessary item to carry along. Accidents can happen anywhere and if one is equipped suitably, and then there is no need to rush to hospitals or clinics in an unfamiliar place. At least two courses of broad-spectrum anti-biotic and other over-the-counter medicines for cough, flu, fever, pains, tummy aches and eye infections must be kept.

Sometimes, it pays to carry medical insurance. In case of an injury in an alien country, where medical treatment is frightfully expensive, the advantages of being medically insured are numerous.

Still, everyone cannot afford to do so and especially if a large number of people are travelling. In that scenario, you simply have to make do with a first-aid box and pray that you make it back home in one piece.

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