The London Eye Is One Of The Most Recognisable Tourist Attractions In London.

The London Eye, also known as the Millennium Wheel, was built to commemorate the end of the old millenium and celebrate the new. The construction was sponsored by British Airways.

It was officially opened by the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, on the 31st December 1999 but, unfortunately, due to some technical issues it was not opened to the public until March 2000.

Standing 135m (443ft) above London it has become one of the most recognisable landmarks in London.

This is an outstanding London attraction and should be included in any London visitor's sightseeing list. The 32 sealed, air-conditioned passenger capsules, representing the 32 London Boroughs, carries close to 10,000 visitors per day. The wheel does not usually stop to take on passengers as the rotation rate is so slow that they can walk on and off the moving capsules at ground level. It is, however, stopped to allow disabled or elderly passengers time to embark and disembark safely.

The well-designed capsules give visitors a beautiful 360 degree-view when at the peak of the turnstile.

Since 1 January 2005, the Eye has been the focal point of London's New Year celebrations, with fireworks displays welcoming in the New Year, and involving fireworks fired from the wheel itself.

During the 2012 Olympic Games, the Olympic emblem will be attached to the Wheel for the duration of the Olympic Games.

On 12 August 2009 it was re-branded, this time calling it "The Merlin Entertainments London Eye" to show Merlin Entertainments' ownership.

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There are other attractions near the Eye including:

  • The Waterloo Pier is just next to this London attraction where you embark on or disembark from the river cruises
  • From the London Eye take a slow walk to the Golden Jubilee Bridge and enjoy street performances along the way.
  • The Golden Jubilee Bridge is a pedestrian bridge opened by HRH Princess Alexandra on 2nd July 2003.
  • You can take a break at the other end of the Golden Jubilee Bridge. There are a couple of floating cafes where refreshments are served.
  • From the floating cafe you can move on to The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.
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