London Marathon Is One Of The Biggest Fundraising Events In The World

The London Marathon is the single biggest annual fundraising event on the planet. It has raised over £450 million for good causes since 1981.

This charity event was first inspired by the New York Marathon, but has surpassed it in terms of a beautiful course and meticulously executed planning. The list of participants is growing each year and the marathon has hosted over 35,000 runners in the last few runs.

The course distance is 26 miles and 385 yards and it is the only marathon to cross two hemispheres when the runners run pass the Greenwich Meridian.

The first race was held on 29 March 1981. The first wheelchair marathon race was held in 1983 to enable disabled atheletes to participate.

It is also a renowned, celebrity sporting event, drawing a host of celebrities like Sir Steve Redgrave, winner of five consecutive Olympic Gold Medals in the rowing events, who set a world record for raising £1.8 million in sponsorship through the marathon event.

Other celebrities included singer Ronan Keating,

Nell McAndrew, master chef Gordon Ramsay and wife Tana Ramsay

and Peter Andre (singer) and Katie Price (Jordan)

Other interesting characters included:

Six Masai warriors who came dressed in elaborate costumes of headdresses, shields and jewellery and rubber shoes made from car tyres. They were here to raise money for clean water for their home village in Tanzania.

Lloyd Scott set the world record for the slowest marathon time because he was wearing a deep sea diving suit and each shoe weighed 11kg! The diving suit he wore is now on display at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.

The London Marathon does not discriminate against age as Buster Martin who polishes vans at a plumbing company and at 101 years young, completed the marathon in over 10 hours. However, the Guiness Book of Records said that until they get sufficient evidence from Mr Martin proving his age, they cannot verify it.

Nor does it discriminate against height. For some it is a voyage of self-discovery.

This event can also be doubled-up as a sightseeing tour of London. And don't forget to bring your camera and a packed lunch.

Just come as you are - no dress-code to worry about.

The next London Marathon will be sponsored by Virgin Money and will be run on 25th April 2010.

If you are keen to raise money for a charity, all you have to do is to register and run for a charity of your choice. Collect as much sponsorship money as you can from your family, friends and colleagues.

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