London Walks Are A Unique And Enjoyable Way Of Exploring London

London walks are a wonderful way to explore the historical and popular London landmarks. They make sight seeing in London more exciting and bring the magic, tradition and hidden corners of this splendid city to life in an entertaining manner.

London walks are also fun and can keep you fit and healthy. You can treat this as a family outing during term or half term breaks to keep your kids entertained. And best of all, it is Free Entertainment.

Most walks cover about 3 - 4 miles and take about 2 - 3 hours depending on how long you spend at each landmark, and how many diversions or breaks you take at the cafes, pubs and restaurants along the route.

Hey, it is supposed to be a relaxing activity, so take as long as you want and enjoy the walks.,London walks, sightseeing in London, London theatres, Big Ben, Tower of London

Listed below are some of the more popular London walks.

  • London Sightseeing Tour of Westminster

    You can start this walk from Westminster Abbey (nearest underground station is Westminster). Turn right and walk towards the Houses of Parliament (formerly called Westminster Palace). Next to the Houses of Parliament stands Big Ben (the clock tower). The route also covers Parliament Square.

    Walk straight on along Whitehall you will see the Cenotaph - the centrepiece of the yearly Whitehall Remembrance Service, Downing Street where the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer reside. Moving along Whitehall you will pass the Horse Guards before you arrive at Charing Cross and Trafalgar Square where you will see Nelson's Column.

    From Trafalgar Square take the south-west turning to Admiralty Arch and The Mall. St James's Park is on the left as you walk up The Mall. You can spend some time in St James's Park, which is a lovely park with a lake in the middle. Pelicans are fed daily between 2.30pm and 3.00pm.. St James's Palace is located on the north-west of the Park.

    From St James's Park move back onto The Mall and proceed ahead towards Buckingham Palace.

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  •,London walks, sightseeing in London, London theatres, Big Ben, Tower of London

  • Diana Memorial Walk

    This is one of the longer of the London Walks and covers a distance of 7 miles. This walk takes you through four of the most beautiful parks in the world and within sight of famous buildings and locations associated with the Princess during her life.

    From the walk you can see 3 palaces (Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace and St James's Palace) and two mansions (Clarence House and Spencer House, the one time London house of the Spencer family).

    The route crosses 4 parks (St James's Park, Green Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens) and is charted by 90 plaques set in the ground and along the way. You can start your walk from any of the 90 plaques (although St James's Park is a popular place to start) and follow the plaques all the way round and back to the starting plaque. Here is the London Walks route map for your convenience.

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  •,London walks, sightseeing in London, London theatres, Big Ben, Tower of London,London walks, sightseeing in London, London theatres, Big Ben, Tower of London

  • London Theatre Walk

    Theatre-goers love this London Theatre Walk as it takes them to the theatres around Theatreland. The majority of the theatres in the West End are within Oxford Street in the north, Regent Street Street in the West, Strand in the south and Kingsway in the east.

    Just follow the name plates of the roads with the Theatreland logo on them and you are not far from a theatre.

    A good place to start is from Piccadilly Circus and walk along Shaftesbury Avenue. There are lots of good eating places and pubs in the West End so just relax, explore theatreland and enjoy the walk.

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There are many other interesting London Walks like the City Walks - taking in landmarks such as the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, walks exploring museums, galleries and performing arts and even shopping walks. Organised London Walks also provide visitors with opportunities to socialise and exchange stories and experiences about their vacations in London. This is also a cheap and healthy way of enjoying sightseeing in London.

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Diana Memorial Walk - explore the beauty of the Royal Parks and the lakes
Diana Memorial Walk is a refreshing way to see the Royal Palaces, Royal Parks, wildlife, lakes and historic landmarks of London.