Spectacular Offers Are Made Everyday To Off-load Surplus Capacities

Special offers are frequently made by merchants to off-load surplus capacities. It makes good business sense to do so, not only for the cashflow but also for the profitability of the business. Hotel rooms or theatre seats not filled are like perishable goods - passing their sell-by dates mean loss of revenue to the business. 25% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

Sometimes special deals are made to promote or bring awareness to a certain brand of products, and these are sometimes given away for free.

You have to be flexible in order to take advantage of these bargains. As they are late rooms or late tickets, you just have to take what is available. If you are not prepared to be flexible and want the products tailor-made to your requirements, then you can purchase them through the normal channels.

This page is designed to bring together special deals for the benefit of bargain hunters who are prepared to be flexible.

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