SW15 Putney Is One Of South West London's Most Vibrant And Fashionable Areas

Putney Bridge with boating activities

Putney SW15, located in the Borough of Wandsworth, was mentioned in Domesday Book of 1086 as Putelei. It was for centuries a place where Londoners visited for leisure, sporting activities and to enjoy the open spaces and clean air. Some of the sporting activities introduced to this area at that time was horse-racing, hawking, hunting and bowling.

Putney Embankment evening activities

Queen Elizabeth I was a regular visitor to Putney from 1579 -1603, often staying for 2 - 3 days, visiting her loyal subject, John Lacy.

The first bridge of any kind between Fulham and Putney was built upon barges and lighters after the Battle of Brentford in 1642.

Putney Bridge

The first permanent bridge between Fulham and Putney was completed in 1729, and was the second bridge to be built across the Thames in London (after London Bridge).


Putney Bridge is the only bridge in Britain to have a church at both ends. The ancient St. Mary's Church is located in Putney on the south bank and the All Saints Church, Fulham is on the north bank. Putney Bridge tube station is located on the northside of the bridge.

Putney Bridge is also the starting point of the annual renowned Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race. This is a 4 miles and 374 yards race from Putney to Mortlake passing Hammersmith and Barnes.

St Mary's Church in Putney

St Mary's Church beside the southern approach to Putney Bridge was the site of the 1647 Putney Debates on the English Constitution. This has been a centre of Christian worship from at least the 13th century, and the church is still very active today.

Putney Wharf with shops, restaurants and Putney Wharf bars

Putney Wharf is a elegant development in SW15 on the south of River Thames at Putney Bridge - with shops, restaurants and Putney Wharf bars, upmarket townhouses, warehouse-style apartments and a fashionably designed 17-storey glass-fronted tower.

Putney Wharf's new squares include lots of pubs, restaurants and health club with a wonderful riverside setting for all to enjoy.

Putney Exchange Shopping Centre

Putney High Street, SW15, is a splendid place to shop and provides a relaxing shopping environment. The Putney Exchange Shopping Centre is loacated mid-way down the high street and there are also lots of restaurants serving exotic cuisines, and pubs, cafes and delicatessen to satisfy everyone.

At the other end of Putney High Street at the intersection with Upper Richmond Road is a concentration of estate agents. SW15 is a popular postcode and property prices here are well above the national average.

Putney Heath was a scene of many duels

About a kilometer from the Putney High Street and Upper Richmond Road intersection along Putney Hill is the Putney Heath. This is where Charles II is said to have reviewed his forces and ran the horses.

Putney Heath was also the scene of many private and political duels. In 1652 an encounter took place between George, third Lord Chandos, and Colonel Henry Compton, which resulted in the latter being killed. It was also here in 1798 that William Pitt had a duel with George Tierney. Fortunately, the encounter ended without bloodshed.

Green Man Pub was a notorious meeting place of highwaymen

Putney Heath is also notorious for its history of Highwayman. Rumour has it that Dick Turpin once stashed his guns in the upstairs room of the "Green Man" pub. Other robbers supposedly watched their intended victims taking refreshment in the pub before robbing them once they resumed their journey across the heath.

The notorious highwayman Jerry Avershaw was arrested in the Green Man and was hanged on Putney Heath.

Putney East is a short walk east of the intersection of Putney High Street and Upper Richmond Road.There are many restaurants and pubs around East Putney Station (District line). This is where the 1st East Putney Scout Group was formed in 1908.

Horizontal Ambiguity is one of the nine statues by Alan Thornhill which are publicly sited in SW15

Follow the Putney Sculpture Trail - this consists of nine sculptures by British sculptor Alan Thornhill which are publicly sited along the south of the River Thames to either side of Putney Bridge. They include:

Exodus - in Leaders Gardens at the end of The Embankment/Festing Road Horizontal Ambiguity - Embankment/Dukes Head, Thames Place Load - along the riverside, outside restaurant on junction of Lower Richmond Road and The Embankment
The Turning Point - at the junction of Putney Bridge Road and Putney High Street Punch and Judy - Putney Wharf riverside near slipway/end of Brewhouse Street Motherfigure - Putney Wharf riverside, from Deodar Road footpath entrance
Nexus - Wandsworth Park, on southernmost path (running parallel with Putney Bridge Road) Pygmalion - Wandsworth Park riverside, near entrance from Prospect Quay and Riverside Quarter Fall - Prospect Quay/Riverside Quarter

With notable past and present residents like William Pitt the Younger, ex-Prime Minister, Clement Attlee, ex-British Prime Minister, Sir Richard Branson, British entrepreneur, and many, many more celebrities, SW15 is a reputable distrcit to live in.

If you are looking for accommodation, here is a list of hotels in and around Putney SW15 area.

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